XSL FO 2.0: A Technical Introduction


The W3C is in the process of developing the second major version of XSL-FO, the formatting specification component of XSL. XSL-FO is widely deployed in industry and academia where multiple output forms (typically print and online) are needed from single source XML. It is used in many diverse applications and countries on a large number of implementations to create technical documentation, reports and contracts, terms and conditions, invoices and other forms processing, such as driver’s licenses, postal forms, etc. XSL-FO is also widely used for heavy multilingual work because of the internationalization aspects provided in 1.0 to accommodate multiple and mixed writing modes (writing directions such as left-to-right, top-to-bottom, right-to-left, etc.) of the world's languages.

This session describes the major features that can be expected in XSL 2.0 and reports on progress to date.


Local copy: xslfo20.pdf